What Jenna Marbles Knows about Marketing that your Credit Union Doesn’t.

Just like the generations that have preceded it, and in turn the ones that will follow, Gen Y is a multifaceted generation with various wants and needs, unfairly lumped together into a one size fits all demographic. Unfortunately for marketers, this has left some Credit Unions grasping at straws trying to attract this elusive group, wadding through the hordes of information collected and generated while trying to put walls around a general definition of Gen Y. Fortunately for marketers, this vast amount of data, has also shown us that Gen Y is leading the charge into the world of online interaction with their financial institution; bona fide Napoleons of the digital age.
So much of what this generation does, from socializing, to choosing a Credit Union, is all done in cyberspace. This means, that any chance the Credit Union has to create a bond or loyalty with these young members, that previously was tasked to our beautiful branches with highly trained Member Service Reps, who deliver outstanding customer service, has now been left to the website, and let’s face it, there isn’t too much that’s very personal or loyalty provoking on the glorified brochure most financial institutions use as a website.
From personal experience, while skimming an ever evolving Facebook feed, I am more likely to stop and look at a picture, or watch a video I know nothing about, than read a status update. If I can so easily skip over something written by an individual I take a personal interest in, imagine how easy it is to skip over text written by an organization online that you know nothing about.
Remember in high school, when the assigned reading material would take weeks to shuffle through, but watching the movie based on the book would put you in “C” range in 90 minutes or less? That is the importance of a Vlog.
What is a Vlog? Vlog stands for “video blog.” Basically, an audio visual interpretation of what you are doing here, but with the ability to absorb and obtain vastly more information, in a shorter period of time. A Vlog creates a face, a persona for otherwise unassigned, floating information in the form of text.
Cue Jenna Marbles. This young entrepreneur, has created a career, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars, by connecting with millions of young people via YouTube in only a few minutes at a time, creating entertaining and even viral videos. I personally subscribe to her channel on YouTube as I enjoy her quirky variety of humor.
Now maybe the content of Credit Union marketing isn’t the stuff vitality is made of, but there is something more to be said about the power of convenience when it comes to information being conveyed through the push of a button, and Gen Y is all about convenience.
I’m not implying you should create commercials or advertisements and let them float around YouTube; that would be a waste of the Credit Union’s time and money. However, using this resource to help Gen Y navigate through tough financial decisions, like giving them advise on how to buy a car, while adding a shameless plug for your loan auto loan rates, is certainly worth a little time and will help provide the building blocks of loyalty in an otherwise faceless and unimpressive online world. Make an impression, create a sense of trust, stand out, that is what your website needs to do for your Credit Union.
Obviously, a Vlog is just one small part of creating an effective online persona for your Credit Union, but it also holds other benefits for already existing members. Creating a database of informational videos to help your members with their financial endeavors creates more opportunities to strategically market products and promotions that are relevant to information these members have chosen to view. Plus, to top it all off, you’ve made things easy, and created the start to a completely online branch that functions like a branch, and not a brochure.
Maybe a YouTube Vlog seems like a farfetched marketing avenue, but it’s important to take into consideration that Credit Unions are a part of a larger financial industry, and the financial industry has this really great universal quality. So, even though your niche may seem small, remember, even a member who watches cat videos will need to buy a car someday.


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