An Aroused Member is a Lustful Member

Though the word arousal is usually associated with sexual desire, to be aroused can be simply defined as to become excited or experience excitement. Think for a moment what it feels like to experience excitement. Can you imagine the feeling of butterflies swirling around in your stomach? Now think of a scenario where this feeling bombards your senses in full force, shall we say, a first date?

It is a proven fact, that visiting an amusement park on a first date could substantially increase the chances of securing a second one. We as humans can thank what is called the misattribution of arousal for this fun fact.

This physiological concept states that when our body experiences a physical change, such as an increase in heart rate or sweaty palms, our brains may attribute this to something completely different from the actual cause. Our brains, on an unconscious level, try so desperately to make sense of these sudden physical changes, sometimes those emotions are misattributed; so in context, your date’s racing heart, that was caused by the Farris wheel, dart game, and haunted house, are now accredited the excitement they are experiencing while having such a good time with you, or simply put, lust.

Don’t believe a peon? If you would like to read more about the misattribution of arousal and the experiments used to confirm its existence, read this.

What do first dates have to do with Credit Unions?

Well, what is an account opening at a Credit Union, if not a first date?

As a potential life partner to a new member, Credit Unions have a lot going for them right from the get go. We come from modest roots, and our life story is romantic and noble. We are honest, live to help others, and in our free time, can even be quite the trend setters. It doesn’t hurt that our mutual friends say great things about us either; a good wingman can make all the difference.

All joking aside, what this interaction does lack, is a heart pounding, sweat inducing, and adrenaline pumping moment; the type of moment that could add just enough excitement to leave them wanting more. Offer them a credit card (and if regulation allows, pre-approve them for one). This is especially true for Gen Y’ers who are eager to sink their young shiny teeth into this type of opportunity.

Why is this exciting? The feeling of acceptance in itself evokes a feeling of accomplishment or achievement, which is exciting, even if this acceptance wasn’t actively pursued.

Once that excitement is buzzing around the room, this new member, will in theory, misattribute this instance of excitement to this first encounter, rather than the excitement related to being offered a credit card. The member will leave floating on cloud nine, full of lust for their new Credit Union, eager to tell others about this new and exciting relationship.

I don’t mean to suggest we should use physiological principals to manipulate new and potential members, but I do mean to suggest, that if we can use this principle to create a stronger bond with our members while helping them simultaneously, why wouldn’t we?

Credit Union cards tend to be offered at a much lower interest rate than most of our competitors, and creating this spark now can create a bond, otherwise known as loyalty, which can be used to help members through various life stages later on. This member has now been shown the Credit Union trusts them, and they will continue to trust in the Credit Union.

Now that trust and loyalty have been created, realize this – two of the biggest factors in creating a healthy and nurturing relationship, have been accomplished here, simply by offering your new member a credit card. Simply put, you’ve created love, and isn’t that worth taking a little risk for?


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